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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Desperate hunt after man is caught film trying to swap BABY in return for food

Police are searching for a man who was seen walking around a road-side motel in Florida trying to sell a baby in exchange for food.

Detectives released surveillance camera footage of the man, who carelessly carrying the six to nine-month-old child as if it was a doll.

People staying at the Rodeway Inn were horrified by the proposition and called police. However, when officers arrived, the man had disappeared.

Officers believe the infant could be in serious danger and are asking for the public's help to identify him so they can track down the child, reports WJXT.

Police say the unidentified man went door-to-door at the Rodeway Inn in Orange Park asking the residents if he could trade his baby for food on Saturday night.

Jennifer Rogillio spotted the man after he knocked on the door to their hotel room.
'I was infuriated. That's why I called police to start with. It's sick. I mean, he could have dropped that baby. He was holding it upside down almost like a football,' she told the TV station. Read More