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Friday, August 24, 2012

'Chupacabra' or mutant fox poisoned by radiation? Hunters baffled by dog-like animal found in former Soviet republic

The strange creature resembles a fox but bears features similar to a kangaroo

Vets in Ukraine are struggling to identify a 'mutant' animal shot by hunters in a remote area of the former Soviet republic.

Locals say it is a mystery 'Chupacabra' - allegedly sighted a few times in recent years - that preys on rabbits, goats and house animals.

Grey in colour and with ‘fangs’ and a longish neck, it has shorter front legs, slightly resembling a kangaroo, while also showing a likeness to a dog and a fox, say those who have seen it.

There were claims that it could be a 'mutant' fox poisoned by radiation, while another theory was that it maybe a hybrid originating from a Soviet plant conducting tests on animals relating to chemical or biological weapons development.

‘A creature we were not supposed to see has escaped from a secret defence lab,’ said one comment. Read More