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Friday, August 17, 2012

Christian Bakkerud Died in 78mph roundabout crash

A former racing driver and close friend of Lewis Hamilton died following an horrific 78mph crash at a roundabout following a night out drinking with friends.

Christian Bakkerud, a 26-year-old Dane, suffered fatal head injuries when his silver Audi RS6 ‘beast of a car’ was hurled through the air and torn to pieces.

The car smashed into a barrier before somersaulting through the air and landing on top of a metre high wall which ripped the suspension away.

It finally came to rest on top of a railing which bent what was left of the car in half, Westminster Coroner’s Court heard.

Mr Bakkerud had competed in the British Formula Three and Hamilton wore his initials on his helmet after his death as a tribute.

PC Peter Traylor told the court that Mr Bakkerud’s car left behind a scene of devastation with car parts littering the road.

He added: ‘When you look at the car itself, it is capable of 150mph. In January 2010 it was described at Audi’s single most powerful car. Read More