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Friday, August 17, 2012

Canada: Severed Head And Foot Found In Park

A severed human head and foot have been found in a Canadian park, evoking memories of a Chinese student dismembered in the same country.

In the latest incident, the head was discovered by officers on the banks of the Credit River near Toronto, a day after hikers found the right foot nearby.

It is believed to be a woman's head and police are trying to establish if the body parts belong to the same person, and how old and tall the victim may have been.

The nails of the cut-off foot, which was seen floating near the river bank, were painted with yellow polish - suggesting the foot was a female's.

Police cannot yet say if the body parts, discovered in Hewick Meadows Park in Mississauga, were placed there or if they were moved there by the water from some other point in the river.

Divers and sniffer dogs have helped investigators search through the park.

"Without a cause of death, we can't call it homicide, but certainly foul play - there's definitely something amiss," said acting inspector Randy Cowan of Peel regional police. Read More