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Monday, August 27, 2012

Camden Police Disbanded: Deadliest city in America plans to disband its ENTIRE police force and fire 270 cops over budget crunch

Camden, New Jersey, the deadliest place in America, is disbanding its entire police force and firing 270 cops in an effort to deal with a massive budget crunch.

The Camden Police Department will be replaced with a force run by the county, which supporters say will cost significantly less and allow more officers on the streets.

Some citizens worry, though that the new officers, many of them from the county police force, won't be prepared for the tough, violent work of patrolling a dense urban city.

The police union says the force, which will not be unionized, is simply a union-busting move that is meant to get get out of union contracts.

No matter the political wrangling, the murder rate in Camden, a decaying city of 77,000, continues to skyrocket. Read More