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Friday, August 24, 2012

Black magic of the Roman era: Ancient lead tablet found in UK contains a curse to bring bad to more than a dozen people

An ancient tablet unearthed in Kent has turned out to be inscribed with curses intended to bring bad luck to more than a dozen people.

The rolled up lead tablet found in East Farleigh, on the site of a Roman farmstead, was found in a 3rd to 4th Century building that may have been some kind of temple.

Inscribed on the lead in capital letters are the names of 14 people, which an Oxford University expert says were the intended victims of the curse.

It was discovered by the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group during excavations three years ago and has since undergone a series of detailed tests to determine its purpose.

The extremely fragile 6cm by 10cm tablet, which is just 1mm thick, is an example of a kind black magic popular in the Greek and Roman eras that called on the gods to torment specific victims. Read More