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Monday, August 20, 2012

Anti-Japan Protest Become Anti-Communist

On August 19, many cities in mainland China held Anti-Japan demonstrations over the disputed Diaoyu islands (Uotsuri Jima). Armed police forces and helicopters were sent to keep the protesters in order.

However, protests in some places were out of control, where protesters clashed with police. Angry protesters turned over police cars, while some shouted,"Down with the Chinese Communist Party," (CCP).

In Shenzhen, some protesters damaged cars made in Japan and some restaurants were ruined. Police were beaten, and one policeman's car, which was made in Japan, was turned over. Some protesters were detained as a result.

In Shandong province, an Anti-Japan parade turned into "Anti-CCP and Anti-Chengguan" parades. The protesters held "Anti-Chenguan" banners, walking to the city hall.

In Chengdu, police blocked the road of the parade, and protesters clashed with police. Many students and residents were beaten and injured. Read More