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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anthony Hills DIES of flesh-eating bug just hours after complaining of swollen arm

A South Carolina man has died just hours after being rushed to hospital with a flesh-eating disease.

Anthony Hills, 55, from Charleston, passed away on Saturday having contracted necrotizing fasciitis - the same disease that savagely struck Georgia student Aimee Copeland and saw all four of her limbs amputated.

Hills' family rushed the man to Medical University of South Carolina with a swollen arm after he complained of not feeling well.

Doctors said the infection started in Hills' right arm and right leg and his condition deteriorated rapidly.

'It's a lightning strike kind of thing you know, where it just doesn't happen that often,' Dr Michael Kilby, chief of infectious disease at the hospital, told Live Five News.

'But when it does, it goes sour really fast and needs medical attention really quickly.'
They amputated the affected arm and were considering removing his left leg before he died, according to the TV station.

It is not known how the man contracted the disease. Read More