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Friday, August 17, 2012

Air France asks passengers for whip-round to pay for fuel after emergency stop

The jet from Paris had been heading to Beirut, Lebanon, when fighting broke out on the main road to the airport on Wednesday night.

The captain first decided to divert to Amman in Jordan before realising he did not have enough fuel to get there.

So he requested emergency permission to land in Syria, where rebels are battling to overturn President Bashar Assad's tyrannical regime.

Once on the ground in Damascus, the crew told the 174 passengers they could not use the Air France company credit card to refuel the plane because of financial sanctions imposed on Syria by the west.

They then asked the mainly French and Lebanese travellers how much cash they were carrying to pay for the thousands of litres of kerosene needed to reach Larnaca in Cyprus - the nearest safe airport. Read More