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Monday, August 20, 2012

Abdul Esfandmozd who pocketed £100,000 by claiming to be wheelchair-bound for TEN YEARS is caught hula dancing on holiday

A benefit cheat who pocketed almost £100,000 over ten years by claiming to be wheelchair bound was caught when police found photos of him hula dancing on holiday.

Abdul Esfandmozd, 51, lived in a modest flat in Portsmouth and fooled neighbours and officials by travelling around the city in an electric wheelchair.

He claimed to be ‘severely disabled’ and incapable of standing or walking without crutches and was supposed to use the cash to pay for carers.

He received the money by claiming to be 'severely disabled' and incapable of standing or walking except with crutches.

Instead, he enjoyed regular holidays to America, Cyprus and Malta and invested in property, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Forms on which he was meant to list carers' names included former England goalkeeper P. Shilton, athlete D. Thompson and even a Mr D. Duck. Read More