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Friday, July 27, 2012

Wayne Acott killed his four-month-old son and is jailed for just five years

A father who killed his baby son, inflicting injuries on him that are normally seen in car crash victims, has been jailed for just five years.

Wayne Acott, 22, of, Maidstone, Kent, killed four-month-old Mackenzie after staying up late playing computer games at a neighbour’s flat.

Detectives said Acott had a ‘momentary lapse of control’ at the time of the attack and had previously been described as a loving father.

After returning from his neighbour’s home in the early hours, Acott’s partner woke him hours later, asking him to feed the baby while she dropped her daughter off at school.

When she returned home and pulled into the parking bay on January 21 last year, Acott rang her mobile in a panicked state, saying Mackenzie had collapsed.

As she ran into their flat, Acott was standing with the baby in his arms.

She rang an ambulance and was told to perform CPR on Mackenzie as he had stopped breathing.

The stricken baby was in a critical condition when he arrived at Maidstone Hospital, from where he was transferred to a special baby care unit at King’s College Hospital in London.

He remained on life support for the following seven days but died from the trauma suffered to his head after failing to regain consciousness. Read More