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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Russian Muslim leader injured in car bomb and deputy shot dead

The government-backed spiritual leader of Russia's biggest Muslim region was injured in a car bombing and his deputy shot dead on Thursday, in a sign that Islamist extremism may be spreading toward Moscow.

Ildus Fayzov, mufti of Tatarstan, 49, was hurt as his Toyota Land Cruiser was blown up, a short while after his deputy Valiulla Yakupov, also 49, was gunned down outside his house.

Both attacks took place in Tatarstan's capital, Kazan, on the eve of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting.

Mr Fayzov said he managed to jump out of his car after he felt an initial, weak explosion inside it as he stopped at traffic lights. Two bigger blasts then ripped through the vehicle, injuring his legs.

Analysts said it was likely the two men had been targeted by Islamist fundamentalists who were opposed to their state-sponsored brand of "traditional Islam". Read More