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Monday, July 9, 2012

Russia Floods: Public Anger Over Death Toll

Residents in the southern Krymsk region of Russia have told Sky News they were not warned about the floods that killed at least 171 people.

Emergency ministry chief, Vladimir Puchkov, said a warning system was in place but admitted it could have been more effective.

"A system to warn the residents was set up. But, unfortunately, not everyone was warned early enough," he said.

But angry locals say they were not alerted and only became aware of the danger when water started gushing into their homes.

Nikifor Shevtsova and his young sons Nikita and Alexei, survived by clambering onto the roof of their home - just before the water went well above head height:

"There was no warning although the local governor says they started telling people at 10.30. Nothing like that happened.

"There was a very easy example today - someone started a panic that there would be another flood and the city was evacuated in 15 minutes only. They could have done that on Friday and no one would be dead," he said.

The floods have left thousands of people homeless and put another stain on the Russian government's blighted public safety record. Read More