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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rosemary Snell and Michael Rolfe were buried alive: Case is referred to watchdog after Friends Accuse Police

The deaths of a couple entombed beneath a mudslide for ten days will be investigated by the police watchdog, it emerged last night.

Elderly sweethearts Rosemary Snell and Michael Rolfe were buried alive under tons of dislodged earth and rubble after their car was flattened by debris dislodged in bad weather.

Their friends yesterday spoke of their anger and disbelief at the police’s ‘outrageous’ delay in finding the bodies of retired surgeon Mr Rolfe, 72 and Mrs Snell, 67.

Now Dorset Police have been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission for investigation after accusations were levelled at the force for not searching the debris because the landslide had happened over a ‘busy weekend’.

Mrs Snell’s friend Jane Fox, 61, condemned the authorities for trying to backtrack in a bid to put themselves above reproach. She said: ‘They’re covering themselves. Think about those poor people under there all that time. We are angry. Everybody is.’ Read More