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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rebecca Bernard Walks Free Despite attacking two men with a Bottle and having 51 CONVICTIONS!....after judge says she's a 'caring mother'

Rebecca Bernard has 51 previous convictions for crimes including violence and threatening behaviour.

She led an all-girl gang that brought terror to their town and has been the subject of two Asbos for making her elderly neighbours’ lives a misery.

You might have thought that when the 23-year-old attacked two innocent men in a nightclub with a champagne bottle, a custodial sentence would be inevitable.

But she walked free from court after a judge decided she was a good mother to her three young children.

In the latest drink-fuelled assault, Bernard smashed a bottle over one victim’s head then stabbed the other in the arm with its jagged neck.

A court heard she launched the attack because she believed, wrongly, that the men were laughing at her.

Ian Wilson, 49, suffered a head injury after being knocked unconscious in the assault and has been left scarred for life. His friend Paul Emery, 46, was left so traumatised he is now too frightened to go into his local town centre.

Bernard, who is notorious in her home town of Rochdale for her behaviour, suffers from schizophrenia and claims she heard voices in her head. On the night of the attack she had been drinking heavily, worsening her condition.

She had previously been given a non-custodial sentence for another bottle attack. Read More