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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nathan Wilkins charged with 18 counts of attempted murder 'was hunting black man'

An unemployed man suspected of walking into a bar and shooting customers at random before setting fire to his former workplace and a fuel rig has been charged with 18 counts of attempted murder.

Nathan Wilkins, 44, is said to have entered the Copper Top in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, shortly after midnight on Tuesday morning.

He then opened fire with a military-type assault weapon, wounding 17 people, including one critically and three others seriously, it is claimed.

Police believe he earlier shot a man answering the door of his nearby apartment.

Brian Felton, who lives at the property, last night claimed that the gunman came to his front door looking for his black flatmate Andrew Clements, who had earlier been drinking at the Copper Bar.

The door was opened by another flatmate, Bruce Bankhead. Using racist language, the gunman asked if Mr Clements was home before opening fire and wounding Mr Bankhead.

Neither Mr Felton nor Mr Bankhead know Wilkins.

But after the shooting Mr Felton said he found that someone had scratched 'KKK' into his pick-up truck. Read More