Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jonathon Stenberg 'decapitated neighbour'… and then calmly auditioned for policeman role in a thriller

A man who allegedly decapitated his neighbour strolled on to a film set days later and auditioned for a role in a thriller.

In a bizarre twist, Jonathon Stenberg landed the part of a policeman in Mystery Road, which was shooting in a remote Queensland town, while officers were trying to track him down.

Producers of the film contacted the media in the hope of gaining some publicity for the project and shedding light on Stenberg's movements before he was captured.

The film's assistant director Mark Ingram told Australia's Daily Telegraph that the crew and a cast including Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson and True Blood star Ryan Kwanten were still in shock over their unlikely encounter with Stenberg. Read More