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Friday, July 27, 2012

Jason Daniel Gandy accused of sending teenage boy to Olympics to be sexually exploited

A man who arrived at Heathrow with a teenage boy was sent back to the US following concerns that he planned to sexually exploit the youngster to tourists during the Olympic Games.

Jason Daniel Gandy, 35, arrived at the airport with the 15-year-old boy last Thursday but was immediately stopped by suspicious immigration guards.

Following questioning, officials received conflicting statements from the boy, his mother and Gandy and the pair were sent back to the U.S. on separate planes.

Gandy, a licensed massage therapist, was quizzed in his home city of Houston and now faces charges of a criminal complaint for transportation of a minor for a commercial sex act.

According to The Baytown Sun, a court heard that Gandy intended to perform massages in London to take advantage of international travellers seeking a 'good time'. Read More