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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

James Allan caught after he pulled mask off in fury because he couldn't work out how to open 'pull' door he was pushing

In the cut and thrust of armed robbery, negotiating a door is likely to be the least of your problems.

However, it was a door that led to the undoing of criminal James Allan when he had trouble working out which way it opened.

In a scene which could have come straight from the film Snatch, the robber's getaway was thwarted when he failed to distinguish the difference between the door's 'push' and 'pull' mechanism.

Described by his own lawyer as 'bumbling and incompetent', Allan spent some time grappling with the complex device before losing his cool.

Out of frustration, the 28-year-old took off his balaclava - only to reveal his face to the store's CCTV camera.

Allan then kicked a panel near the door, smashing it in two, and knocked over a display before falling to the ground.

He then demanded shop manager Amanda Croke let him out. Read More