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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A gunman and his hostages are dead after a siege in southwest Germany

Five people are dead after a shooting during a house eviction in southwest Germany, according to reports.

The gunman opened fire and took hostages when court bailiffs attempted to remove him from his top-floor apartment in Karlsruhe in a dispute over rent.

The four people being held hostage were understood to be the bailiff, the new home owner, a caretaker and a locksmith.

Special police forces surrounded the building, and attempted to make contact with the heavily-armed gunman, who was carrying at least one hand grenade.

Police eventually stormed the flat after smelling something burning and found the bodies inside, according to a police spokesman. It is understood that the gunman killed himself.

It is unclear whether police managed to make contact before the hostages were killed.

The incident began early this morning, and the building's residents raised the alarm at about 9am when shots were heard from the flat.

An entire section of the city was shut down throughout the standoff. Read More