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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fury as Polish scrap metal thief caught red-handed is NOT prosecuted because 'he didn't realise it was a crime' ......And they believed him!

Police are refusing to prosecute a Polish immigrant caught on camera stealing scrap metal, because he didn't realise he was committing a crime.

Businessman George Pasparakis caught the culprit red-handed after fitting CCTV outside Wessex Industrial Doors in Yeovil, Somerset - following a number of raids on the company.

Officers quickly tracked down the thief and he even admitted his actions - but police chiefs decided not to prosecute him, because he claimed taking scrap metal is legal in Poland.

Mr Pasparakis, 37, is 'gobsmacked' by the decision.

He said: 'I’m not sure how bad a crime has to be where you can claim ignorance before they take action.

'We’re so frustrated at what we were told. I was gobsmacked and I think the police officer was too.

'He almost seemed embarrassed. Is Polish law operating in Yeovil?' Read More