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Thursday, July 19, 2012

David Cameron says it would be bad to quit Europe as ministers accused of speaking with 'forked tongue' over Britain leaving bloc

David Cameron insisted last night that he would never campaign for an ‘out’ vote in a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

The Prime Minister said those calling for a referendum had a ‘perfectly honourable position’, but leaving Europe would be ‘a complete denial of our national interests’.

In an interview, he said that while he wanted to negotiate a ‘new settlement’ with the EU, Britain should not become a country that retreated from the world.

‘I think it would be bad for Britain,’ he said. ‘When I look at what is in our national interest, we are not some country that looks in on ourself or retreats from the world. Britain’s interest – trading a vast share of our GDP – is to be in those markets. Not just buying, selling, investing, receiving investment, but also helping to write the rules. If we were outside, we wouldn’t be able to do that.’ Read More