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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Colin Fell who stole Company Cash to fund lifestyle of a 'country gentleman' is ordered to pay back £400,000

A greedy managing director who stole company money and lived the high life of a ‘country gentleman’ whilst his staff was made redundant was today ordered to pay back more than £400,000.

Already a convicted fraudster, Colin Fell set up fake PR and advertising firms to divert money into his own bank accounts.

The 54-year-old refrigeration business boss used the money to pay for renovations of his half million pound farmhouse, luxury holidays and private schooling for his two children.

His £527,000 home on moorland near Rawtenstall, Lancashire included stables, horses and a fleet of quad bikes.

The extensive thefts forced the owners of the refrigeration firm ran to make stringent cost cutting and ultimately led to the majority of the staff being made redundant.

Mr Fell was given six months to pay back over £400,000 at Liverpool Crown Court today.

A total of £560,000 went missing from international commercial refrigeration firm Norpe UK. Read More