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Monday, July 9, 2012

Claudia Hidic was ROBBING the home and shot dead by crossfire from her partners in crime'

New details are emerging about the roles that a teenage girl and two former football stars played in a home robbery gone wrong in Fort Worth, Texas.

The body of Claudia Hidic, 17, was found shot dead near the backdoor of a duplex apartment almost two weeks ago, and now police have the two men thought to be her accomplices in custody.

Curtis Fortenberry and Terrance Crumley, both 21-years-old, now face felony murder charges over the incident.

According to the Star-Telegram, Hidic reportedly directed the two men to various homes where they could find expensive items to steal.

At the home where she met her death, there were thought to be five or six people inside the duplex at the time that Hidic and her two co-conspirators entered.

Either Fortenberry or Crumley had a gun on them, and once they entered the apartment, shots were exchanged with people inside the home, and Hidic is thought to have been hit in the crossfire. Read More