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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Army prepares to send in 2,000 MORE troops to fill Olympic security gaps (and some of them are raw recruits)

A further 2,000 troops, including raw Army recruits, could be drafted in to protect Olympic venues if the security shambles gets worse.

The Armed Forces were told last week to provide an extra 3,500 personnel for the Games after security group G4S failed to provide enough civilian guards.

But military chiefs have begun urgent work on identifying more soldiers who could be deployed in an emergency, and it is understood that a decision on whether to put 2,000 troops on 'notice to move' will be taken tomorrow.

The security crisis puts an added burden on the military, which already has 48,000 soldiers committed to the Olympics, Afghanistan and other operations across the globe.

The plans emerged after G4S chief executive Nick Buckles admitted to MPs that he did not know how many security guards his company would be able to provide when the Games start next week. Read More