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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Steven Clippinger a Convicted Murderer out on Parole kills brother and his sister-in-law as their terrified children listened in horror

A 41-year-old convicted murderer has been charged with killing his brother and his brother's wife in their own home as their children listened.

Police reported that Mishawaka, Indiana, resident Steven Clippinger went to brother Matthew's house and fatally shot him in his own garage.

Matthew Clippinger's wife Lisa is then thought to have opened the door to the garage and screamed according to the deceased couple's two children who then saw their uncle chase their mother down a hallway before hearing more gunshots.

Steven Clippinger is alleged to have then fled the scene in a vehicle driven by his alleged accomplice, Jennifer Leveque.

'All of a sudden, I heard screaming,' said one neighbour to the South Bend Tribune. Read More