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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Google given weeks by EU to make changes to controversial advertising rules or face billions in fines

Google has been given one month to change its advertising rules otherwise it will face court action in the EU.

The giant Internet search-engine firm has been ordered by EU competition regulators to make the changes by July 2 to end ‘abuses’ of its market dominance.

The company, which says it anticipates complaints of this kind due to its size and reach, risks being fined billions of pounds if it fails to comply with the orders.

The search engine, which has more than 80 per cent of the global market share, is accused of promoting its own products and effectively locking out rival advertisers. Read More


Competitors complain that Google's search results unfairly prioritise its own advertising services.

Google controls nearly 44% of the global internet advertising market.

The Trade Commission is also looking into allegations that Google distorts its search results to steer people to its related businesses, like Google Places.

The agency recently hired a big name litigator, Beth Wilkinson, to lead its probe.

The Commission has 16 complaints against Google before it, with the latest grievances coming from several online travel agencies, including TripAdvisor, Opodo and eDreams.

The majority of complaints are from small competitors across Europe.