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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Egypt erupts: 10,000 protestors return to Tahrir Square in outrage after Mubarak avoids execution and his sons and henchmen go free

Egypt descended into chaos last night despite President Hosni Mubarak's life sentence, after he and his sons were cleared of corruption charges, setting off huge protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square - the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

By nightfall, a large crowd of up to 10,000 were back in the square and similar protests began in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria and Suez on the Red Sea.

Protesters chanted: 'A farce, a farce, this trial is a farce' and 'The people want execution of the murderer.'

'Justice was not served,' said Ramadan Ahmed, whose son was killed on Jan. 28, the bloodiest day of last year's uprising. 'This is a sham,' he said outside the courthouse.

There had been celebrations on the streets of Cairo when Mubarak's life sentence was announced, but they were short lived as the Egyptian people learned of the fudged verdict. Read More