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Friday, June 22, 2012

COMING CRISIS ALERT: Syria shoots down Turkish warplane, SAS units on move inside Syria -- June 22, 2012

Update: July 4, 2012

No further developments have occurred. All countries in the area remain tense and on high alert, and the Coming Crisis will keep a close eye on the situation. This alert is lifted for the time being.

UPDATE: June 28, 2012

Turkey has moved soldiers, tanks, artillery pieces and anti-aircraft weaponry to its border with Syria. Various nations are pushing for a "unity government" in Syria.

UPDATE: June 26, 2012

Reports are now coming in of British SAS units advancing within Syria's northern borders in order to establish a "safe zone". In addition, "rebel units" are engaged in battle with Syrian Republican Guard units throughout Damascus, and outside the President Palace. 

UPDATE: June 26, 2012

Both Turkey and Syria are beating the drums of war. Whether or not this will actually manifest into a full blown conflict remains uncertain, although Turkey's threat of attacking Syrian forces near its border should be taken seriously in consideration of its international incursions in the past into Cyprus, Iraq and so on.

UPDATE: June 25, 2012

Syria has reported fired at another Turkish plane attempting to reconnoiter the wreckage of the downed plane. Will update as more info comes in.


The Russian Times, speaking with local correspondents as witnesses, reports that 2 Turkish warplanes approached Syrian territory, of which one was shot down, with the pilots taken into Syrian custody. We have yet to find any other sources confirming this information.


It was initially reported that the 2 pilots in the downed war plane were fine and rescued, but this information has since been retracted. In addition, Turkish news is reporting that the pilots themselves may actually be in Syrian hands, but like with much of the information regarding this situation, the CC cannot yet confirm this. Turkey's PM did, however, strangely stated that, “If this is true, then there would be a great problem.” 


The statement describing Syria apologizing for the incident has since been retracted. Turkey now says no such apology has been made, and is now preparing for an emergency meeting on how to respond to the situation. In truth, however, there seems to be no actual evidence that Syria did, in fact, shoot down the plane. The possibiliies of this being a false-flag attack in order to provoke NATO involvement, or forcing Syria's hand into actually shooting down the plane, remain.

Syrian forces have shot down a Turkish Warplane off the western coast of Syria, prompting apologies from the Syrian government towards the Turkish government.

We at the CC feel this is a dangerous escalation, and may ultimately lead towards a full blown war if no diffusion occurs.

We will keep close tabs on this situation. If you are currently residing in the Middle East, we strongly recommend that you stay tuned to the local news and to the Coming Crisis for more breaking information on this situation.