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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bravery of Pakistani women who suffered horrific acid attacks in the name of 'family honour'

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that in 2011, at least 943 women were murdered, nine had their noses cut off, 98 were tortured, 47 set on fire and 38 attacked with acid. Pictured left to right, acid attack survivors Nazirha Bibi, 25, Naila Farhat, 22, and Shamma Maqsood, 24, who hold photos of themselves before they were tortured.

After six years of abuse, Allah Rakhi was walking out of her marriage when her husband struck again. Snatching a knife, he sliced off her nose. 'You're no longer beautiful!' he shouted.

He then slashed at her foot - brutal punishment for leaving the house without his permission.

'A woman is only a woman inside the home, outside she's a whore!' he yelled at Rakhi as she lay bleeding on the dusty street just outside her home.

That was 32 years ago.

All that time, Rakhi hid her disfigured face under a veil. Then in March, a surgeon took up her case. He cut flesh from her ribs and fashioned it into a new nose, transforming her life.
While the details of every case of violence against Pakistani woman differ, many are based on a concept of 'family honor.'

Women can be targeted for suspicion of an affair, wishing to divorce or dressing inappropriately. Hundreds women are murdered each year because of mere suspicions. Read More