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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wakeelah Salaam told to 'remove face covering or get out' of New Jersey shopping mall

A New Jersey woman was told to get out of a popular shopping mall on Saturday because she was wearing a traditional Muslim face covering.

Wakeelah Salaam lodged a complaint with Bridgewater Commons Mall after a security guard approached her twice demanding she remove the veil, known as a niqab, worn by some Muslim women.

'He said, 'ma'am, I'm telling you, you cannot wear that mask in here. He came as close to me as though he was going to kiss me, and then he made the hand gesture like he was going to lift it up for me,' Ms Salaam told WABC News.

Ms Salaam was born in the United States, and was raised Muslim.

She has always worn a long dress, or hijab, and a headscarf. But when she was in her mid-20s, she decided to start wearing the niqab that shows only her eyes when she's in public.

Some women choose to wear the scarf so men don’t judge them by their appearance.

'This is a protection for me,' Ms Salaam told WABC. 'This is my honor'. Read More