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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shirya Shah-Klorfine: 'Save me': Last words of one Mt Everest climber revealed as it is feared SEVEN mountaineers may now be dead

The last words of one woman who died at Mt Everest’s highest base camp were ‘save me,’ according to a close friend.

Toronto native Shirya Shah-Klorfine was one of the four who were confirmed dead after a ‘traffic jam’ of mountaineers rushed to scale the 29,000ft peak over the weekend during a brief window of good weather on the world’s tallest mountain.

The news comes as another climber at base camp said as many as seven people could be dead.

Shah-Klorfine told a Sherpa guide ‘save me’ before she died while attempting to descend from the summit, according to family friend Shellyann Siddoo.

Ms Siddoo told CBC’s Metro Morning: ‘I just learned…that her last words were “save me,” as she was taking her last breath.’

About 150 people - described as a 'traffic jam' by Everest's standards - rushed to scale the 29,000ft peak. However, a fierce windstorm swept the higher altitudes of the mountain on Saturday morning and many climbers were left trapped as they waited for it to pass before beginning their descent.

Colorado native Dr Jon Kedrowski told station Fox 31 in Denver in an exclusive interview today that some climbers have not yet been located, and as many as seven could be dead. Read More