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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Robin Norton a Masters degree graduate resorts to advertising himself with sandwich board after failing to find full-time work

A desperate jobseeker who applied for 15,000 jobs with no success in the past ten years has resorted to advertising himself by wearing a 'hire me' sandwich board.

Robin Norton, from Birmingham, has a Masters degree in history and several NVQs but has been overlooked by an endless slew of employers.

He has now taken drastic action, spending an entire day wearing a sign reading 'hire me please' and walking up and down the M5 slip-road at Bromsgrove junction in Worcestershire.

Mr Norton said: 'I have applied for around 25 jobs a week for the past ten years without getting anywhere.

'Sometimes I have applied for as many as 50 in one week. It is never-ending. Read More