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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rob Knucols jumps into vat of acid to save colleague 'Martin Davis' after he fell 40ft through a rotting roof

A brave construction worker jumped into a vat of acid to save a co-worker who had fallen 40 feet through a rotting roof.

Father-of-three Martin Davis was left unconscious and airlifted to St Barnabas Medical Center in Clifton, New Jersey, to be treated for head-to-toe chemical burns.

His heroic rescuer, Rob Nuckols, was taken to St Joseph's Medical Center in Paterson with burns on his legs and abdomen from the nitric acid.

He was lucid and able to rinse himself off, however, according to My Fox New York.

Three other workers helped Mr Nuckols, 51, pull their injured colleague out and were also taken to hospital to be treated for burns, said NBC New York.

They were identified as Rob Fulton, 24; Joe Dabkowski, 45; and William Walker, who is in his 20s.. Read More