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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rebecca Oxley who injured pensioner, 75, in handbag mugging attack blames victim for not letting go of her purse

A ‘despicable’ mugger who injured a frail grandmother while robbing her of her purse blamed the elderly victim for her injuries - because she refused to let go.

Vile heroin addict Rebecca Oxley, 36, pulled 75-year-old Irene Bracewell to the floor as she tried to run away with her wallet after asking the pensioner for her spare change.

The victim tried to cling onto her purse but fell flat on her face and was left stricken on the floor as Ms Oxley ran off with the item containing just £15.

Career-criminal Oxley was caught by two passers-by who witnessed the incident who chased after her and clung onto her until police arrived.

Mrs Bracewell suffered grazes to her knees as a result of the attack.

When arrested Ms Oxley showed ‘no remorse’ and told police that Mrs Bracewell’s injuries were her own fault ‘for not letting go’. Read More