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Thursday, May 31, 2012

'Plethora of problems' in child protection

The ACT Government has promised a $25 million boost for child protection amid renewed evidence of systemic failings.

An examination of the sector by Public Advocate Anita Phillips makes it clear vulnerable children still are not getting the support they need.

It is the second stage of a review commissioned by the Government after it emerged several children had been placed in the care of an unapproved agency.

She has uncovered a "plethora of problems" within the care and protection service.

Ms Phillips says despite the best efforts of front line staff, they are battling against systems which do not support them, and that has led to a reactive and defensive work environment.

Ms Phillips reviewed the files of 100 children placed in emergency care over the last three years.

She says there was no evidence of early intervention before the child was removed from the family and placed in emergency care. Read More