Tuesday, May 8, 2012

'Pink slime' factories close at the cost of 650 jobs after sales plummet following health controversy

Three of the controversial factories that produced the so-called ‘pink slime’ that disgusted the nation will close later this month.

Roughly 650 jobs will be lost when the plants in Texas, Kansas and Iowa are closed by parent company Beef Products Inc. in light of poor sales.

The plant in Amarillo, Texas, the plant in Garden City, Kansas, and the one in Waterloo, Iowa will close on May 25. A plant in South Sioux City, Nebraska, will remain open but run at reduced capacity.

The South Dakota-based company blamed the closures on what it said were unfounded attacks over its lean, finely textured beef.

During its processing, bits of beef are heated and treated with a small amount of ammonia to kill bacteria. The filler has been used for years and meets federal food safety standards.

But the company suspended operations at the three plants in March amid public uproar over the filler. Read More