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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pavel Durov Threw Paper Planes out of 5,000-rouble notes (about $160) out of His Window

Perhaps it was boredom or perhaps it was chance to watch people fight on the streets below.

Whatever the reason, 27-year-old Russian millionaire Pavel Durov and his vice president made headlines on the weekend when they made paper planes out of 5,000-rouble notes (about $160) and threw them from their office window to a St. Petersburg crowd.

They reportedly took great joy watching the crowd’s reaction, according to news website

The bizarre actions of the founder of Russia's most popular social networking site VKontakte sparked a footpath brawl when people realised what was soaring down from the office above.

“People turned into dogs as they were literally attacking the notes,” one witness said. “They broke each other’s noses, climbed the traffic lights with their prey – just like monkeys. Shame on Durov!” Read More