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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Papandreou: We are not the problem, Greece is Just the Scapegoat

(CNN) - George Papandreou, the former Greek Prime Minister, was indignant: “Many people have been pontificating, and patronizing, and moralizing, and scapegoating, saying you Greeks, you are the problem. I would say we Greeks have a problem. We are not the problem.”

On the Amanpour program, Papandreou fired back at those who believe Greece is a tax-evading drag on the European Union: “If we were the problem, it would be very convenient – kick Greece out, everything’s fine. What would happen to Spain, what about Portugal, what about Italy, what about the whole of the eurozone? We need more cooperation and less simplification and prejudice.”

However, the voices of doubt both inside and outside his country have taken their toll: “We have been living two years of constant insecurity. Read More