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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Norman Rousseau commits suicide before his home is foreclosed

A desperate man in the U.S. took his own life after an eviction notice was placed on his front door.

Norman Rousseau, 53, shot himself in his bedroom last week after learning Wells Fargo intended to foreclose on his home.

'I lost my husband and it hurts me like hell,' said Oriane Rousseau.

'He saw there was no more way out and there was no where to go and…he snapped,' she said.

The family bought the home 13 years ago and used their life savings to put 30 percent down.

In 2006 they were talked into a new loan, an adjustable rate mortgage.

The family then applied for loan modification. Rousseau said they were told not to make payments because it would disqualify them.

Then, a letter of default arrived. Rousseau said they were told to ignore the letter because it was part of the loan modification process.

In late 2010, the family found out their loan modification had been denied and that the bank was selling their home. Read More