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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mysterious 'body jars' buried on cliffs in Cambodian death rituals by 'previously unknown ancient people'

Perched on cliff edges, jars and wooden coffins containing human remains offer tantalising evidence of a completely unknown ancient people in Cambodia.

Ten burial spots have been found by archaeologists in the past nine years, one 160ft above the ground.

'The idea,' says researcher Nancy Beavan in an interview with National Geographic, 'was that anyone trying to disturb the burials would break their neck.'

Beavan's team from New Zealand's University of Otago have radiocarbon dated the remains to between A.D. 1395 and 1650.

Dr Beavan, who is currently in Cambodia, says that this period coincides with the decline and fall of the powerful Kingdom of Angkor - builders of the famous Angkor Wat temples - which was seated in the lowlands.

‘Funeral practices in the Angkor Kingdom and its successors involved cremation rather than anything remotely like those found at sites we are studying. Read More