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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother forces 11 year old daughter to shoplift then refuses to pick her up from police

A 49-year-old woman made her 11-year-old daughter steal from a convenience store and when the little girl got caught she refused to pick her up from the station.

The mother had coerced the girl, along with a young boy and a 61-year-old woman to shoplift at a convenience store in Troy, Michigan.

Security staff at Old Navy convenience store witnessed the women and children entering the shop on the security cameras around 8pm on Saturday.

They then split up and began putting items in bags.

The security team caught the older woman and the 11-year old, but the mother and the young boy got away.

The girl told police that she had been instructed by her mother to steal and then the foursome would re-group outside by the mother’s car. Read More