Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kenneth Richey spent 21 years on death row for killing 2-year-old girl sent BACK to prison after threatening judge who originally prosecuted him

A Scottish man released from prison four years ago after spending more than two decades on Ohio's death row is going back to jail for threatening a judge who prosecuted his original case.

Kenneth Richey, who once came within an hour of being executed, was sentenced to the maximum of three years after pleading guilty to a felony retaliation charge.

The target of his threat, Putnam County Judge Randall Basinger, said Richey had made many threats against him and others, The Toledo Blade reported.

Richey 'has never taken responsibility for any of his actions, has blamed others for the crimes that he commits, and consistently misrepresents the events of his criminal activity,' Basinger said, according to The Findlay Courier.

Investigators said Richey, 47, was at his home in Tupelo, Mississippi, when he left the threatening message for Basinger, warning that he was coming to get him.

Richey later said he'd been drinking heavily and was depressed and that he regretted making the call. Read More