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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Italian Bomb Blast 'Not Linked To Mafia'

The school bombing that killed a teenage girl in the southern Italian town of Brindisi was probably the work of an individual with no links to the mafia, a senior investigator says.

Italy's flags flew at half mast and the Adriatic port city held the first of two days of mourning for 16-year-old Melissa Bassi, who died from her injuries in hospital after the blast.

Bassi was an only child from a working class family who was studying to be a social worker.

Five other teenagers were seriously injured in the bombing. One young victim was fighting for her life after suffering extensive injuries to her chest and another was badly wounded in the legs.

A local mafia group were quickly blamed by some for the bomb blast, but Marco Dinapoli told reporters it is unlikely that organised crime groups were involved.

"It seems to be the work of a single person," said Mr Dinapoli, the Brindisi chief prosecutor.

He said there was clearly "a wish to carry out a massacre". Read More