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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Greece Denies Eurozone Plans For Currency Exit

Eurozone officials did not recommend member countries prepare for Greece's possible departure from the single currency, the Greek government has insisted.

A statement issued by the country's government said: "The Greek finance ministry categorically denies the reports that it was requested during a Eurogroup telephone conference that eurozone members prepare plans for handling the possible exit of Greece from the eurozone."

Speaking as he arrived in Brussels for a meeting of European leaders, British Prime Minister David said: "We need a decisive plan for Greece to help get the European economies moving.

"But if we're not going to keep coming back and back to meetings like this, we also need to deal with some of the longer-term issues at the heart of running a successful single currency."

Meanwhile French president Francois Hollande is expected to flex his political muscles at the meeting, as he pushes back against austerity in the eurozone. Read More