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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free to roam our streets to protect their 'human rights', 100 foreign criminals a month

More than 100 foreign criminals whom the Government wants to deport are being released on to Britain’s streets every month to protect their ‘human rights’.

In total, there are 3,900 overseas convicts on bail in the community, free to commit new offences.

Incredibly, 817 of them have been at large for five years or more.

A string of murders and sex attacks have been committed by foreign nationals who should already have been booted out.

The scale of the problem was revealed in a letter to MPs by Rob Whiteman, chief executive of the UK Border Agency.

Officials start proceedings to boot out the convicted criminals or offer them bribes to go home.

But once they have served their sentence, the convicts can continue to be held only if there is a good chance of them being deported imminently.

The offenders immediately use the Human Rights Act to say they have a right to a family life in the UK – and the courts let them go, pending their lengthy appeals through the British legal system.

Mr Whiteman said that, in an average month, 110 foreign convicts were freed from immigration centres on bail. Read More