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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FBI demands 'backdoor' access to Facebook and Twitter accounts

The FBI is asking social media sites and email providers to create a portal for investigators to access potential suspects online activity in an effort to thwart crime.

The federal agency argues that, given the increased dependence on the internet and web services, their court-approved wiretaps are less useful now because fewer people use the phone to make their criminal plans.

At what many civil liberties experts will likely deem a threat to personal privacy and the proprietary information of the privately-owned businesses like Facebook and Skype, the agency is now pushing for a new law to force such companies to help them in their investigations.

CNET obtained a letter from the FBI’s general counsel’s office which will force companies that provide internet messaging or email services to change their code so that they have a portal for the FBI to log into quickly once approved to wiretap a would-be criminal. Read More