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Sunday, May 20, 2012

David Simpson to go Free if £800,000 is Paid to Local Officials

A British man imprisoned in Africa after discovering 13 murdered bodies in a jungle was told he would be freed from prison if he made an £800,000 payment to local officials.

David Simpson, 24, was working for a safari firm in the Central African Republic when he found the site of the suspected massacre.

He reported it to the country’s military but just days later he was arrested on suspicion of murder – an accusation he vehemently denies.

It is widely believed supporters of the notorious warlord Joseph Kony perpetrated the killings.

Mr Simpson’s Swedish boss at the Cawa safari company, Erik Mararv, is also being held.

It is alleged the authorities are forcing him to pay money to fund the murder investigation. If he refuses to pay, he has been told they will all stay in prison longer.

It is also understood the relatives of the dead have been told by officials they will receive compensation payouts from Mr Simpson and Mr Mararv, 26, if they testify against the European men and claim they were the killers. Read More