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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Canadian Suicide Bomber Storms his female co-worker's house before blowing himself up

A Canadian man stormed the home of a female work colleague he was obsessed with wearing a suicide-vest and detonated the device after a six-hour stand off with police.

Holding the woman hostage inside her home, the suspect blew himself up after releasing her to Royal Canadian Mounted Police who had surrounded the property.

After the devastating explosion, which took place in Kamloops, northeast Vancouver on Friday, police began sifting through the rubble in an attempt to identify any remains of the 48-year-old man from Surey, British Columbia.

He told police negotiators that he had strapped bombs to himself and rigged up an explosive device to his van's gas tank that he had a remote device for according to CBA.CA.Com

'The suspect, who is an electrician by trade, provided specific details to the negotiator regarding how the explosives were wired and how he would be able to detonate the devices remotely,' said Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Grant Learned. Read More