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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Anti-racist' group arrested after 18-strong mob attacked 'white supremacists' with hammers at Chicago restaurant

Arrested: Jason Sutherlin, 33, is one of the five people in custody after a group of 18 people attacked 'white supremacist' diners

Five men accused of attacking a group of diners with hammers and metal batons at a suburban Chicago restaurant are in jail, though the fight appears to be continuing online as word spread that the incident was apparently linked to a feud between anti-racism groups and white supremacists.

Elements of the two factions have engaged in a cyber-war of words since Saturday, when as many as 18 people wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks or scarves stormed into the Ashford House in Tinley Park. Investigators say the alleged attackers targeted a group of people they believed had ties to a white supremacist organization.

Video of the minutes-long fight shows a table being knocked over, swinging arms and some men holding up chairs to defend themselves, Mayor Ed Zabrocki said. Prosecutors said the fight caused $15,000 in damage and injured several people, including three who were hospitalized and received staples to their heads. Read More